Top trends for promotion on Instagram

Instagram is a social network that has been breaking all records of popularity over the past few years. Even though at first no one bet on it. It turned out that people are very close to communication in photo and video modes, because it creates the effect of presence and the illusion that you personally know the person you are subscribed to.

We have prepared a brief overview of the latest promotion trends on Instagram that will help you gain an active audience in a short period of time. After all, if at the beginning of your journey you can buy instagram followers, then further you need to use many other tools.

There is no such thing as a lot of stories

Only we’re not talking about videos that you add from nothing to do, but about really high-quality and interesting content. Posting videos without much purpose can only afford stars or already promoted bloggers who just want to film their lives, not to entice new subscribers. Stories are a very convenient format for communicating with your audience. In terms of statistics and reach, they are perceived much better than a standard photo feed. Tape – it’s boring, stories much more fun and interesting. Download cool templates for stories on Instagram and go ahead – create your own page! Conduct various surveys, seek advice, ask your subscribers’ opinion, share tips and you will be happy.

Honesty and openness

This is always welcome, because subscribers are tired of too perfect pictures. It makes them feel like there’s something wrong with you. It’s no longer fashionable to photoshop your image to perfection. No one forbids you to use filters, but you have to be yourself, not reduce the proportions and not hide the little flaws. Just take a picture from a good angle. Honesty policy applies not only to the photo. Hidden advertising is just as annoying, right? If you were paid for advertising, you can honestly say about it, evoking the trust of subscribers and not losing advertisers. How? Very simple. For example, that you were sent a product to advertise, but you tried it and liked it very much. Isn’t that honesty and openness?


Despite the general perplexity, hashtags still work, and very well. They help you search for bloggers in narrow topics, find accounts based on interests, hobbies, and learn about local companies or sites. Look at the hashtags of your competitors/colleagues and put the same, it will not be superfluous.

Targeted advertising

As experts’ reports show, today one of the most popular tools for promotion in social networks is targeting advertising. For this reason, many businesses are turning to it. For example, you can easily order such a service as setting up targeted advertising, and get a ready-made result.

Targeted advertising is ads that allow you to promote services and products on social networks. As the term targeting suggests, we need a clear target. That is why this kind of advertising is carefully planned, it does not hit the sparrows with a cannon. Here already come into play numerous options and parameters on which advertising will be issued to the right audience for you.

Targeted advertising is often ordered in social networks. Users often publish in such social networks all the information about themselves. Accordingly, users give out age, interests, their hobbies, etc. Marketers set the required metrics, and then the ad begins to show the main group of users. So if you want to find more instagram followers, you should use targeting advertising tools. It can be a great solution in any situation, so pay more attention to it and you will get quality results.