The use of antifungal pills

In order to quickly cure fungus, it is worth seeking help from a qualified dermatologist. Only a specialist will be able to determine the true cause of the disease and effectively eliminate unpleasant manifestations. If the correct treatment is started at the initial stage, external medications will be highly effective. Antifungal pills are used if the disease is at a fairly advanced stage. These funds are highly potent and may have some side effects. Buying antifungal tablets in the online store should be in the case where there is an extensive skin lesion, discoloration of the nail and so on. You can find this category of products at

Antifungal sprays are highly effective, but such means should be resorted to if you know exactly what pathogens are dealing. Be sure to inform the specialist about the presence or absence of concomitant diseases, as some drugs have contraindications and incompatibility with certain medications.

Features of antifungal ointments

Antifungal ointments for the feet are in rather high demand. The action of drugs of this type lies in the formation of a kind of film, which creates a greenhouse effect on the surface of the nail plate. By restricting oxygen, the fungal infection has no opportunity to reproduce and soon just dies. In addition, antifungal ointments for the skin have an anti-inflammatory effect. They can be used both at the initial and at the neglected stage of the disease. The undeniable advantage of these tools is that the ointments have no contraindications. The only thing you should pay attention to is the possible intolerance of the individual components.

Other types of antifungal agents

Antifungal remedies for nails can also be in the form of varnishes, solutions for applications and so on. They have the following advantages:

  • Ease of application.
  • The varnish penetrates inside the nail plate, filling all the pores.
  • The remedy does not smear clothes, dries quickly and does not allow oxygen access to the surface of the nail.

Application of such a therapeutic composition is made 1-2 times a week. But, as a rule, such treatment lasts for several months until the affected layer is completely renewed. Antifungal agents for the feet (solution or drops) quickly penetrates the nail and is economical. A single dose is 1-2 drops of an alcohol solution.

Even positive reviews on any broad-spectrum antifungal drug will not guarantee that in your case, the composition will cope with the destruction of the pathogen. The choice of an effective medication should be based on the results of a laboratory study – such an analysis will help to accurately determine the type of fungus that caused the disease. For each mycotic lesion, there are certain standards of treatment, and the appointment of effective antifungal compositions is wise to entrust to the attending physician. 

The whole huge group of antimycotics (antifungal) has a complex and very diverse classification according to many characteristics – according to the active substance, origin and form of the drug, patient tolerance, sensitivity of the pathogen to the composition, the mechanism of action, etc. If you are looking for antifungal drugs, we recommend you go to In each case, not only the antifungal agents themselves, but also the method of their application is chosen individually. For the therapy of mycoses, the doctor chooses the drug with the highest activity against fungal pathogens, but at the same time the most convenient to use.