The popularity of football and basketball in the USA

Sports play a crucial role in life and are an indispensable part of US culture. The vast majority of Americans watch, take an interest in, or play sports themselves. This not only applies to the male population, but also to the fair sex. You can meet plenty of girls and even older women who have supported their local football team all their lives and don’t miss a single game, some even travel to all of the away games. This is not only true for professional teams from the major North American leagues, but also for college sports, which is incredibly popular in the USA.


Basketball is the 2nd most popular sport in the USA and is slowly getting closer to untouchable football. Both professional and college basketball are widely known in America. The best players from the NCAA college basketball league are later drafted by professional teams in the NBA, which adds continuity and popularity to the sport (fans continue to follow the careers of their favourite college players as they move on to professional NBA teams). Speaking of the popularity of college basketball in the US: the final of the annual March Madness championship in 2017 was watched by more than 20 million TV viewers and those numbers are growing every year. You can follow the latest basketball news here


Football has been the #1 sport in the USA for at least the last thirty years. You can talk not just about the popularity, but the cult of football in the United States. Just like basketball, college football is also very popular. For the most part, college teams are located in small towns or suburbs of metropolitan areas.

To give you an idea of the scope of college football, let’s take the Nebraska Cornhuskers team, which plays in the city of Lincoln (a deep province, with a suburban population of just over 300,000). The local stadium, Memorial Stadium, currently seats 85,000 spectators and has been packed to capacity for absolutely every Cornhuskers home game since 1962 (368 consecutive sellouts to date). Just think about it: a quarter of the region’s population go to the stadium (the other three quarters watch the games on TV or in bars)! It’s not just a sport, but essentially like a religion for the locals! The vast majority of student teams enjoy a similar popularity. The 8 stadiums of the college teams hold over 100,000 spectators!

The NFL league is the tip of the iceberg of football popularity. The NFL Super Bowl season finale is traditionally the most popular television event of the year in the United States. In 2018, the final meeting between the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots was watched by more than 100 million TV viewers. The Super Bowl attracts not only the game itself, but also the halftime show, which features famous pop stars like Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, etc. Even those who don’t care about football watch the Super Bowl in the USA. If you are also interested in the latest sports news, you can use