The attack strategy on the map Dust 2

The map Dust 2 has a high level of popularity among players. CSGO NET company has prepared for you an overview of the attack strategy. Terrorists can follow the following path towards the bombing points:

  • Length.
  • Short.
  • Tunnel.
  • Middle.

Attack tactics can be selected depending on the spawn of the players. If the tactic for the round involves attacking A, you can go three ways: fully go to the length, fully go to the shorts, combine the shorts and length. In a joint burst through the length to blind opponents, throw smoke on the start, cross. This will make the attack as easy as possible. Then there is the matter of firing. You can leave one person to control the pressure from the length, which will be located in the box, in a pit or behind the doors of the box. One player should deeply monitor the shorts to give the necessary information to the teammates.

In any attack after the bomb is placed, it is necessary to throw additional smoke to play back an additional 18 seconds from the beating out by the defense. Now, let’s consider an attack through the shorts. Initially, it is necessary to throw smoke at the Middles’ doors to limit the player’s view at that position. This is followed by a quick blast on the stairs with a flip of fire to maximize the defense. It is also worth throwing a flashbang and smoke into the gap. This is followed by the installation of the bomb and control of key points.

It is possible and paired entry from two positions. Let’s assume that 3 players run for length, and two on the shorts. The actions in terms of the spread are identical, but the only advantage of such an attack will be a quick elimination of opponents, which is simply lost when receiving the attack. An attack on B can also be carried out in different ways. There is a direct attack through dark, and there is an exit through middles or a connection of these two vectors.

For an attack through the tunnel should be guided by the speed of decision-making and accurate shooting, because a bursting passage is quite narrow. You can throw a pair of flashbangs and throw at the entrance smoke that covers the players behind the pencil and on the platform. Immediately check the position behind the car, throw additional smoke on the door and window. This will make it possible to safely put the bomb.

Next, it is worth waiting for the retake, which should be taken closed. One player must control the tunnel by taking the far platform. One player must necessarily stand or behind a pencil. In early timings, you can shoot the defense players through the window. Another important point will be the car. It is extremely important to change your teammates in time.

As for the attack through middles. The most important thing is to remove or scare away the defense sniper by throwing a couple of flashbangs and break into position. Then, it is necessary to throw the smoke on the city to close the view from A. (Here, you should be wary of replanting, which is easy to check. The player may hide above the smoke on the left or right). This is followed by a burst on B under the flashbang and subsequent protection of the installed bomb.

In general, the terrorists’ main task is to break through to one of the bomb’s installation points and prevent the defense side from performing its duties.

Grenade launches

Another important component of the game is the storyboards. Players before the start of the round buy not only weapons, but also grenades. Discussions are used in several cases:

  • Containment of the opponent’s attack.
  • Occupation of a point on the map.
  • Chasing away opponents.
  • Fast peak.

Based on the number of grenades, it is common to separate the spread of smoke, flashbangs, Molotov cocktails. You can also take a closer look at additional tools for the game at.