Repair of electrical wiring

The first most labor-intensive type of work is the complete replacement of electrical wiring. Usually these electrical works are carried out when the apartment is overhauled or at least seriously renovated. Complete replacement of electrical wiring is the most effective way to get rid of all the problems associated with the old wiring. But this method, often, for many people is not applicable. And there are many reasons for this, ranging from its high cost, and ending with the physical impossibility of carrying out major repairs to the apartment. So what to do?

Partial repair of electrical wiring

Partially repair the electrical wiring of the apartment, without major works will help to solve problems with the old wiring. In this article we will talk about the repair of the old wiring in the apartment. An excellent option would be to hire a reliable house electrical repair service. But if you are confident in your skills, you can try to make repairs yourself.

How to understand that electrical wiring needs to be repaired

There is no need to be a big specialist in this matter. If you can’t turn most of the appliances in your apartment on at the same time without the vending machine disconnecting, it means that your electrical wiring is outdated and doesn’t match your needs. And if you had a short circuit in the socket, and the socket is characterized by blackening, the diagnosis is clear, it is time to start repairing electrical wiring. 

Determine what kind of wiring you have now

Important! Any work related to electricity should only be done when the apartment’s power supply is off.

So, where to begin. Of course, from the beginning, the place where the power comes to the apartment. Depending on the type of house, it can be a floor switchboard or a separate one, an apartment switchboard or a symbiosis of floor and apartment switchboards. To start with, open the floor panel and find the protection devices that are “responsible” for your apartment. There must be one device that cuts off all the power supply to the apartment. It’s an input device. It could be a protection machine, then it is located on the left in a row of your machines, or a switch, then it is located separately at the top or bottom, although there may be options.

You will not be able to replace the induction device yourself, because you need to cut off the power to all (or part of) the entrance, and this can only be done by an employee of the maintenance company. But you can see the nominal value of the induction machine. Look and write it down. Let’s go on. Let’s see how many protection vending machines are installed for your apartment. There should be at least two. With an electric stove, three. One vending machine is lighting. The second is a socket machine. The third one is the electric stove. If you’ve got more machines, you’ve got to figure out which machines are off.

Note. The automatic protection machine is designed to protect electrical wiring against overvoltage, short-circuit and simple communication (switching on, disconnecting the power supply).

To determine which automatic machines have to be switched off, switch on the light in the apartment, plug in the light sockets and simply switch off the automatic machines, see what will be switched off in the apartment when the automatic machines are switched off in series. Do not use complicated appliances for this kind of diagnosis to avoid damage to your home when you switch off the vending machine abruptly. So, after such a simple diagnosis, you have a diagram of your old wiring. At this stage it is better to call a specialist who will be ready to do the repair.