7 Days To Die: Sanctuary

When you have already received the first weapon, you have to prepare for the night. At 7 Days To Die, the night is dark and full of horrors. At night, zombies start moving very fast. You can, of course, keep a decent distance and shoot back, but your endurance will let you down with time. By the way, do not forget about dogs, it is much harder to run away from them. An important place in the game is occupied by research and travel. Often, you will be in areas that are not calm and familiar, where it will be very difficult to keep the defense, so you should know how to arrange a temporary shelter for the night. If you want to try everything on yourself, go to https://ggsel.com/en/catalog/7-days-to-die-first and buy a game account.

Preparing for the night

Preparing for the night is not so difficult, if you have enough time, it is worth cleaning up some buildings and settling on the roof, but in some cases it is not completely safe. For example, it is possible to freeze from rain or vultures may attack. An ideal place for permanent shelter is gas and pass. If there is no time left at all, it is too dangerous to stay on the ground. Some zombies roam the territory, and run at night. You may not get on them, but it is still preferable to make a dugout. It is more convenient to fill the upper entrance with a hatch.

We will consider that we have already cleaned the building or gas station. To finally consider the place occupied, we should make a sleeping bag. It will allow us to appear in this place in case of our unforeseen death. Otherwise, we have to run from where the game will throw us. If you decide to move the sleeping bag to the new shelter for a while, wait for the guests.

In order to secure our sanctuary, it is worth making sure that the zombies can’t get to us. The zombies’ behavior is characterized by the fact that they can jump on the first step, they can’t jump immediately on the second step (except for spiders). If they can’t jump, they will start waving their hands right and left, marking everything in front of them, in this case the walls, but we will get back to this a little later, now we need to make sure that they can’t “accidentally” climb up.

The ideal option would be to put a wooden block against the wall, and the staircase to build with the third cube so that you can grab the stairs and remove the block from the jump. Make sure that the roof does not lead to stairs, some buildings have them. Indeed, there have been cases when, already resting from a hot day, on the roof of the inspected store climbed happy and fast running zombies. In addition, if you decide to make an entrance from the inside of the building, you can make a hatch, but it is not superfluous to pull the same trick as with the wall.

Don’t forget that 7 Days to Die has been in alpha testing for a year now, and can produce quite nasty glitches. Optionally, you can use a stone staircase, or rather, you can break the stairs and put blocks instead of them, which will be cleaned for the night. Having finally made the shelter a couple of boxes in which we will put the belongings, we can start planning the next step.

Food and water

The next step is to provide ourselves with food and water. To the south-west of the gas station there is a small village and we will wool it. You can choose any village or even town, but do not climb into large cities, it is too dangerous at an early stage of the game. There are several old trees in the village, which are very convenient for planks, and feather nests. Collect everything that is not nailed to the floor, including chairs and junk. Junk later will come in handy for bullets, and chairs instead of firewood. If you are a fan of PC games, you will need the site https://ggsel.com/en/catalog/call-of-duty-black-ops-1938-first.